Signature Sandwich Platter

Signature Sandwich Platter

An assortment of our Signature Sandwiches.

$7.99 per person

Lunch Box

A choice of a Signature Sandwich with a
bag of chips, cookie and a bottle of water.

$9.99 per person

The Complete Lunch

Our Signature Sandwich Platter, a choice of one side salad and a dessert platter.

$11.49 per person

The Executive Lunch

The Executive Lunch

Our Signature Sandwich Platter, a choice of two side salads and a dessert platter.

$13.49 per person (minimum 5 people)

Entertainer's Choice

A presentation of our roasted turkey, smoked ham, roast beef, Genoa salami, Cheddar and Swiss cheeses. Served with assorted breads, a condiment platter of lettuce, tomatoes, Peppadew peppers, cole slaw, mayonnaise and mustard.

  • $89.99
  • $154.99

Mini Sandwich Platter

Mini Sandwich Platter

Mini Portuguese rolls and butter croissants filled with roast beef, turkey breast, tuna and chicken salad, lettuce and tomatoes, served with mayonnaise and mustard.

Serves 8-10 6,930 cal $79.99

Sloppy Joe Platter

An extra long loaf of rye bread sliced lengthwise three times for a deck of turkey, roast beef and corned beef, each topped with Russian dressing and cole slaw.

Serves 8-10 5,010 cal $69.99

*All of our menu items are served chilled. Reheating and cooking instructions are included with every order.

All prices exclude Tax.